NavigatePro has been designed to make Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) compliance reporting simple and easy to accomplish.

Currently in England, 55% of agricultural land is subject to NVZ legislation. In Scotland there are five areas designated as NVZs and Wales has introduced the 'Control of agricultural pollution regulations' across the whole country, restricting the use of nitrogen fertilisers and organic manures.

Making sure a farm is NVZ compliant can be a lengthy and demanding process, especially on livestock farms where stock numbers are high.

NavigatePro calculates all the necessary farm and field limits for organic manure production and application and guides users through inputting the right data to calculate farm storage capacity. It then quickly determines if the farm is NVZ compliant or requires an alternative solution to stay legal.

NavigatePro also ensures that recommendations meet the crop N-Max rules and closed period limits. Clear reporting helps farmers understand whether or not their operations are within the rules in advance of seasonal applications.